Perdeby was given an opportunity to enter the race and was able to speak to some of the men running along the way. One such runner was high school student Tyron Froneman, who commented on his decision to enter the race, saying, “I did this to show my support to the women around me who I consider as equals. This event was well organised and I feel like I did a good thing today.” Another runner, Brett Palframan, also entered the event as a display of his support and said, “I felt like it was the right thing to enter, and what [a] beautiful thing it was to witness this sea of pink today.”

In light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, all funds raised by the event go to Reach for Recovery, a breast cancer support group and non-profit organisation. For many, this race was a significant tribute to the women who have either suffered from breast cancer or have witnessed their loved ones suffer from breast cancer.

Nicole Brower is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed earlier this year and shared what this event meant to her personally, saying, “I entered this race to show that I have beaten cancer, and to support other people who may still be fighting [cancer]. This race is a celebration of me being alive today.”


Image: Reg Caldecott

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