Many residences are either waiting on their installations, or have installed cameras that are not working. This issue is a growing concern as the camera installation began last year and is yet to be completed.


Nicolize Mulder of the Department of Marketing and Communications said that, “Because of budget constraints we will only install cameras at the entrances, laundries and IT labs of the remaining residences before the end of the year.” When asked when the installation of cameras in all of the residences will be complete, Mulder said that, “[UP] will budget every year and install cameras in the remaining areas.”


One of the contractors used for the installation of cameras did not complete the job on time. This caused “a problem toward the end of last year at Maroela, Mopanie and Katjiepiering, [however] the installation was finally completed on 5 March 2015 [and] the cameras will be up and running by 27 March,” said Mulder.


“Theft isn’t only in the bathrooms and washrooms. It also happens in people’s rooms due to some people having a habit of forgetting to lock their room doors. Hence, I think we should have cameras installed in residences,” said an anonymous HK from a residence where cameras are not yet installed. Kgaogelo Moloantoa, Safety and Security HK for Maroela, said, “We don’t have major theft problems because I can only recall … one incident of theft and this was late last year where a corridor TV was stolen. Outside the residence is another story because two cars were stolen last year from the res parking lot.”


Some residence students have complained that cameras in the common rooms and corridors are an invasion of their privacy. Elna van der Merwe, Manager of Residence Systems, said that they “discuss[ed] this with legal services and received written confirmation that [they] are within the law as long no cameras are installed in rooms or bathrooms”.


Some residences do not seem to have a problem with theft. Thandeka Nxumalo from Jasmyn said that, “I have never had anything of mine stolen, nor have I heard anyone complain about theft.”

Photo: Michael Bongani Reinders


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