Those are just two examples of the inaccuracy that was found in our national media this week, and there were many, many more splashed across front pages in bold headlines. It’s no wonder that parents feared for their children’s lives. The media painted a negative picture of what was a responsible, intelligent and peaceful protest. And if that was just for the UP protests, how were the protests across the country warped from their actual reality? If that’s what mainstream media is actually about, I no longer want to go into journalism.

So what was the protest actually like? Well, with this edition we’ve tried to bring the student protesters into the story by means of student contributions. We have an awesome photo essay and, of course, a recap of the events as they unfolded. We want to be the publication that actually shows you “what the media doesn’t show you”. But I can add a few stories quickly.
I saw students reprimand a fellow protester for kicking over a dustbin on campus. I saw students pick up their rubbish. I saw students attempt to calm down violent protesters and shout “no violence” until their voices were hoarse. I saw students return to campus at night with their textbooks to study and pass. From a UP side of things, it was, I’ll say it again, responsible, intelligent and peaceful.
The media’s responsibility is to the truth, the right side of the story, as we record history. We’ve laid out the facts neutrally and you can decide as a reader what you think of the past week’s events. I hope this also proves to you that we take our job as journalists and a publication seriously and that you can rely on us for news without sensation.
This is also our last edition for the year. I hope you have every success with exams and a fantastic December break!