Coffee Buzz
With arguably the cheapest cup of coffee you will find on campus, Coffee Buzz is known for their tasty samoosas and friendly service. While not necessarily a provider of gourmet coffee blends, Coffee Buzz’s affordable cappuccinos and standard filter coffee is great if you need a quick caffeine fix on a tight budget. They also offer Americano coffee and espressos, for those looking for something stronger, and if you’re in need of something sweet with your coffee after a long day of class, their various cakes and other sweet treats are sure to attract your attention.

While different from the other American-style Tribeca restaurants in Pretoria, Tribeca Campus is still a restaurant. However, selling their own branded coffee beans and having a dedicated barista also qualifies this establishment as a coffee house.The beans they use for their Americano coffee have a medium-dark roast that has a rich aroma. A vibrant, chatty atmosphere makes Tribeca a hotspot for coffee socialisation and casual first “it’s not a date” dates.

Haloa Coffee
This hipster haven charges slightly less for an Americano and serves a larger cup than most, offering a medium-date roast. Niche offerings include a sectioned-off room with couches and watching the baristas make your coffee.Space at Haloa is limited, but that adds to the charm of a great decorative setup, including an old scooter, a workbench – complete with a bench vise – and a wall covered with books. The plugs hanging from the ceiling also make for a perfect laptop study spot.


Photo: Ciske van den Heever 

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