Jon Savage is an actor, entrepreneur, former 5FM DJ and former lead singer of the band Cassette. Savage will star alongside Rob van Vuuren in their upcoming movie about a South African rock band called Stone Cold Jane Austen. Savage’s account is an excellent one to follow because of his wit and uniquely South African humour.



Dillan Oliphant is a stand-up comedian from Johannesburg whose humorous tweets are sure to have you in stitches. In the vein of Trevor Noah, Oliphant’s tweets add an amusing spin to current affairs and help South Africans see the lighter side of otherwise serious situations.



Best known as the lead singer of Straatligkinders, musician and actor Bouwer Bosch’s Twitter page is a hub of hilarity, amplified by his witty one-liners and comical vines. Bosch also comments on current events and provides links to music and film projects he is working on. Bosch is an accomplished solo musician and is also a member of the Afrikaans soft rock group Dans Dans Lisa.



This Twitter page is linked to the humorous and sometimes vulgar website, WatKykJy.co.za. Sensitive internet users had best stay away as Griffin, the (distorted) face behind the account, does not shy away from inappropriate language. One of the site’s most visited pages is an inset called Zefspotters, which is entirely based on contributions from readers.



Klyntji calls itself an “internet descendant” of Ons Klyntji, the Afrikaans magazine that was first published in 1896. Klyntji is an online publication run by Potchefstroom students. It focuses mainly on entertainment news and reviews and offers insightful articles in both Afrikaans and English. Lovers of art and music are bound to have hours of artistic enjoyment after following this account.

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