1. The Blood Lamp. This single-use lamp was meant to make the user think more carefully about power usage, as the light from this lamp would require a drop of the user’s own blood to be activated. Perhaps this invention would have taken off in a society filled with vampires and fetishists.
  2. Clothing made from cigarette-butts. A designer from Chile noted that cigarette-butts are among the items that form the largest part of the world’s litter. She then decided that sanitized cigarette-butts could be recycled and used as material for clothing. This sounds like an idea that would be welcomed by hipsters.
  3. Coffee-powered cars. A 1975 GMC pick-up truck has been modified to run entirely on used coffee grounds. This caffeine-fuelled vehicle has been dubbed the Café Racer. If anything, this is an excellent excuse to consume even more coffee than the average student usually would.
  4. Aggressive shower curtains. Does your roommate spend hours in the shower, using up all the hot water? The Green Warrior shower might just be the solution you’re looking for, as it stabs you with inflatable spikes if your shower exceeds a certain time limit.
  5. Solar powered mini movie theatres. The SolCinema is an eco-friendly movie theatre that is run from an old caravan, and makes use of solar panels which charge lithium ion batteries – something to keep in mind next time you’re in dire need of a creative date idea.
  6. The White Goat. This invention transforms scrap office paper into toilet paper. Enough said.
  7. Wind-powered cell phone chargers. The Hymini Charger is a mini wind turbine and solar panel combo that charges your phone and other mobile devices.
  8. Batteries powered by sweat. This battery is available in tattoo form and it is hoped that this device will one day be able to charge smart phones, digital watches and even heart monitors with human sweat.
  9. The solar bikini. This bikini is made up entirely of little solar panels which emit enough energy to charge phones and iPods. Apparently, a male version is set to be released soon.
  10. Speakers that double as pots for your plants.
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