5 Themes that are basically a repetition of other res’ themes from previous years. See point two: originality.

6 Oriental themes. Let’s face it, this theme reached its expiry date at least a decade ago.

7 On that note, the Egyptian mummy theme is so 2010. We know it makes for cheap costumes, but surely there must be a more creative way.

8 Another Perdeby pro-tip: you can only do the “public servant” theme so many times. Watching taxi drivers, nurses and lifeguards prance around the stage becomes tiring after a few years.

9 Any theme that requires a dirty face and/ or limbs. We don’t know what it is, but for some reason residence-dwellers love the “brown-paint-as-fake-dirt” look. Take it from us, no theme is worth this unflattering getup.

10 Anything “scary”. Zombies and the undead have been done to death.


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