4. Attend someone else’s lecture – Why not try out Plant Psychology 110 or an Ancient Cultures lecture. Tag along with a friend or stalk a random. Either way, the classes are generally big enough to go unnoticed. Unless they’re writing a class test in that period.

5. Watch Serrie prelims – Amateur dancing and off-key singing might not sound like fun but the atmosphere, crowd’s comments and the shirtless men make for quite an experience.

6. Be roped into a pyrimad scheme – Nothing says financial success as being co-erced by a new friend into a “exciting business deal that can see you earning up to R10 000 a month”. Whether it’s under the guise of health food or energy drinks, joining a pyrimad scheme means you lose all your savings but gain the life lesson of never being so easily fooled again.

7. Bunk a class – Spend your time exploring campus instead. The Zoology building has an elephant skeleton, South campus isn’t a myth and the SciEnza has a super cool mirror maze.

8. Physically alter yourself – Dye your hair pink, get several facial piercings or wear odd clothing. They won’t accept in the workplace so you best do it now. This does not mean embracing first-year spread.

9. Attend a music festival – Nothing beats a weekend away with friends, forgetting about your assignments and listening to good live music. Whether you’re caked in mud or dust, you’ll be garuanteed memories for life.

10. Join Perdeby – We have cool socials, occasionally get free stuff and are just generally awesome.

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