In order to have a good sporting experience, there is a great deal of work that happens behind the scenes. In any sporting discipline there is the team behind the scenes to make sure that the sporting environment is favourable to both the athletes and the supporters. They ensure that the competition is fair and also that the right atmosphere is created.

The multi-disciplinary team involved in making sure that the sporting experience is not problematic or unfavourable have vast experience and knowledge in administration of sport. This team may involve the technical team, news reporters, commentators, and sport analysts. It is important to recognise the contributions that are made by these professionals to ensure the sporting event runs smoothly and is enjoyable for all involved. If we look at analyses of games and pre-match reports, these experts have done a great deal to creating a competitive atmosphere that still ensures the safety and enjoyment of athletes and supporters.

The technical team also ensures that the participants are fully prepared mentally and physically to perform at their best. These professionals may go unrecognised in some instances but the amount of work they put in, in making sure everything goes according to plan, is substantial. The technical team also does a great deal to motivate the athletes and also ensure that they know the rules of the competition.

The media also plays a significant role in the sporting environment. To many supporters media coverage of sporting events is the only experience available to be part of the event. This coverage may include the visuals, sound engineering and creating an atmosphere of tense emotions and feelings. Such emotions and feelings create a memorable and historic experience for athletes and supporters alike. Furthermore, the media has also succeeded in creating an atmosphere of anticipation of a very important event, this has made the experience more memorable for supporters not physically at the events.

The teams behind the scenes have a significant role to play to ensure that both the participants and the fans of the sport have an unforgettable experience and also that the sporting experience is fair and administered appropriately.

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