Sponge Out of Wateris the second Spongebob movie to date and was not originally anticipated, nevertheless it has performed well in the box office so far, grossing over $200 million to outweigh its production cost of  $74 million. Its success lies not in its cohesive plot, star-studded cast or high budget but rather in its simplicity. It was made to make children laugh, and so doing it also satisfactorily appeases the childish entertainment cravings of both young adults and parents.

The characters are simple but comical, the jokes clean but constant and the plot surprisingly action-packed. Time travel, theft, magical creatures, romance and friendship are all present, accounted for and revolve around what seems to be the silliest of concepts ever: a stolen burger patty recipe. Despite its silliness,the movie has received favourable reviews from RottenTomatoes, IMDBandMetacritic alike. If you’ve had a long week at university and are in need of nothing other than a good laugh,Sponge out of Water is undoubtedly the movie to watch.



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