Is there a particular song on the album that stands out for the band?
Track nine on the album, “Alive” – or as we like to call it, “The Anthem”. It stands out mostly because of the progressive energy and lyrics. It’s also one of our favourite songs to play live, the lyrical content is powerful and meaningful and the instrumental content really gets your blood flowing.


Welcome to Forever is your debut album. How was your experience of recording an album for the first time?

Being in studio was wonderful. We will never forget it, especially when you’re working with such amazing and efficient people who all share a common goal. There was a lot of pre-production before we got into studio (we rehearsed a lot) and recorded all of our tracks beforehand to make sure we had the perfect idea of what we wanted when we entered the studio. It took us about two and half months to record. Drums and bass were recorded first, then we went on to acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, saxophone, ukulele and percussion, and lastly we recorded vocals. This was a spiritual experience that will be tattooed in [our memories] and will definitely translate on the album.


What was the most memorable part of the recording process?

The most memorable parts of the process are the moments in between. Getting the difficult parts right, listening back to the first raw recording of the full band, joking around, falling asleep, having friends over and also watching each other grow and achieve goals throughout the process. [It was] very special.


What has the reception for the album been like?

The album is doing tremendously well. [We are] selling them as fast as they can make them. People are really loving the sound and the whole concept behind the album. We worked with the best in the business: Kevin Leicher, Dark Star studios and Rogan Kelsy to get the best sound, and we put great effort into the design of the album cover and booklet.


Are there any plans to go on tour with Welcome to Forever?

Absolutely. We are planning a nationwide tour this year and also planning a tour to the UK. Exciting times.


What can we expect from The Sextons in the near future?

There is plenty to look forward to from the Welcome to Forever album tour, [from] working on some fantastic new material that we are sure you all will love, to looking at possible overseas journeys, and most of all we have wonderful shows and festivals that we are part of, coming up this year and next [year].


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