The thing about success is to make it personal. Success is about doing your best. Each person and each context is different so comparing your ability to your predecessors won’t help you. Use everything you have learnt from them but also trust your gut, execute your own ideas, build on your own past experience, work your hardest and be the most passionate person about your own work, because no one else is going to do it for you. And if they do, you can never truly make that work your own.

I have watched Perdeby, both as an outsider and insider, under Beyers, Margeaux and Max’s leadership. Each one has left their unique mark and inspired me. I have only ever dreamt of having the opportunity to fill this space every week and the privilege to lead the crazy, zealous Perdeby team, and now that the time is here I’m absolutely terrified. I’m going to do it anyway, however, and you can trust that I’m going to give it my all.



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