On Monday 17 October, the Department of Student Affairs held the opening ceremony for the newly-renovated Roosmaryn building on Hatfield campus. Roosmaryn is now the new headquarters of Student Affairs.

According to Prof. Cheryl de la Rey, Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the university, the building forms an important part of UP’s history. In 1959 Roosmaryn started as a ladies’ residence, and since then, has been used by various student services.

The initial aim of the renovation was to consolidate Student Affairs as well as the SRC and Student Societies into a single complex, with Roosmaryn as the main service point.

Alterations to the building were made to accommodate the new office of the Dean of Students, Prof. McGlory Speckman, as well as other student bodies such as the SRC, which was originally situated at Tukkiewerf.

Other changes include a new courtyard for social events and activities, as well as a seminar room available to the whole department.

According to Prof. Speckman, the release of the building for the purpose of student development was the greatest contribution the university could give the Department of Student Affairs. “We are looking forward to good things: providing leadership for the country, facilitating the release of individual potential and most of all, producing well-rounded graduates from the University of Pretoria,” says Prof. Speckman.

Photo: Desré Barnard


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