The movie follows an average Joe called Emmet who gets caught up in the battle of the good versus the evil Lord Business. The movie goes deeper than the journey of a character becoming greater than he thought he could be, and provides an interesting interpretation of the journey itself.

The movie combines witty humour and slapstick comedy and the sub-textual humour in this movie sets it apart and makes it widely enjoyable.

The movie has a collection of outstanding actors. Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Will Arnett and Liam Neeson are only a few of the voice-over artists in The Lego Movie. The producers matched characters to actors very well, which helps to bring the simplistic animation to life.

Flawless execution of the visual effects team is one of the aspects of the movie that makes it more enjoyable. Stop-motion movies are often clearly hand-generated, but without prior knowledge this movie could fool the keenest eye into thinking that it is completely computer-generated.

A noticeable flaw is the timing of the dialogue, which appears sometimes as electronic malfunctions and sometimes as editing mistakes. At first thought this movie may seem like a great movie for children, something between Shrek and Finding Nemo with a Transformers edge, but this movie is nothing short of a grown-ups’ blockbuster choice.


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