The station recently relocated from Aandklas to Arcade Empire. What was the motivation for this decision?

It’s much like starting a family. When you first start a family you only need a small space, but [after] expanding, a bigger place is needed. With every family, you will always remember your first home, and thus we will always remember Aandklas.

The launch party for the move was massively successful. Can we expect more of the same collaborative events?

Yes, that night was [great]. Moving to Arcade Empire has given us some great opportunities and has helped us extend our desire to do bigger and better events.

How focused is The Grind Radio on local music? What is the station doing that other radio stations aren’t?

The Grind Radio strives to make local bands easily accessible and better known. We do so by constantly interviewing established and up-and-coming local bands while keeping up to date with new releases. We make an effort to play most of our local submissions.

Since you are an internet-based station, do you feel that DJs have more freedom to engage with listeners about almost anything?

Being an internet-based station allows our passion for music to overflow, be that opinions on new releases or commercial music. We have the privilege of calling a spade a f*****g shovel. Grind Radio DJs all have diverse personalities and we are allowed to express ourselves freely. This is what freedom of musical speech, without being a complete bigot, feels like.

Are there any plans to move from the internet to an FM frequency?

We are still debating the move to FM. Currently we have fewer restrictions with internet radio. Our freedom of speech allows us to reach further than local radio stations. However, we will closely monitor Icasa’s decision on online broadcasting and take it from there.