First-year comes with new personal responsibilities, especially when you consider that less than three months earlier you needed permission to use the bathroom at school.

Perdeby has compiled a first-year financial survival guide which could mean the difference between survival and starvation during the end of the month drought.

Exploit student discounts and weekday specials

Because the Hatfield economy depends on students as much as it does on the Blue Bulls winning, be prepared to whip your student card out at any opportunity where a student discount presents itself. Also remember to keep an eye open for weekday specials, which can double as opportunities to eat well and forge new friendships because these weekday specials are often frequented by other students.

 Pubs and clubs are not the only option for a night out

A night out in Pretoria can break the bank if it not prepared for properly. This is why any frugal first-year knows that a fiscally responsible night out begins with proper pre-drinks. Mixing your own drinks and drinking before going out saves you paying club and bar drink rates later in the evening.

House parties in general are not only safer, becuase you don’t have to drive anywhere, but also cheaper because you can skip entrance fees and expensive drinks altogether.

Other handy pre-drinks tips include leaving your bank card behind and only taking cash with you. This will ensure that you avoid blowing your budget in a moment of weakness on the dance floor. Also, leave going out for as late in the week as possible, as this will prevent you from bankruptcy on a Tuesday morning.

Sell, sell, sell

Consider selling your notes and textbooks from a completed module. Wize Books and Protea offer opportunities for second hand purchase and resale.

Snack smarter, not harder

“First-year spread” is a phenomenon which affects countless first-years who succumb to the temptations of an unbalanced eating plan. By following a routine of packing snacks every day, one can avoid dipping into your weekly budget for fast food concessions, slim your waistline and keep a positive bank balance.

By abiding by these four secrets, the challenge of surviving first year will seem less daunting on the financial front and will ease the burden of blind budgeting

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