Hesta van den Heever, a founding member of the Society for Current and Global Affairs, had highlighted that the languages of instruction at UP is an issue at the 23 April discussion. Van den Heever had explained how students questioned the university’s language policy, because it states that, “There is to be no discrimination against any staff member or student who has command of only Afrikaans or of only English or of only these two languages.”

Another reason for the meeting was that the ARF felt that after the discussion on 23 April they needed to provide a platform for those with similar goals to connect and work together on achieving such goals. The letter committee said that “these goals roughly revolve around transforming the university.”

Furthermore, at the meeting the ARF introduced their four committees that have been formed to deal with specific aspects of what the ARF sees as the issues on campus. The four committees are social media, political, letter writing, and practical engagement. Dladla explained that the political school’s purpose “will be to consolidate and raise consciousness regarding the exact nature of the problem”. The ARF’s first political school took place on 7 May. During the event, it was made clear by members of the ARF that Perdeby was not welcome at the event.

Photo: Society for Current and Global Affairs Facebook page


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