Perdeby is in possession of correspondence between UP management, and the UP student commission, which is comprised of SASCO, PASMA, DASO, EFFSC, TSPA, MSA, ANCYL and YCL. In the emails, management responded to the UP student commission, saying that the UP student commission must liaise with the Temporary Student Committee (TSC). Once this was done, further correspondence shows that another attempt was made by the UP student commission to meet with certain members of the university executive. This was denied due to the short notice of the request. 

According to Delport, “disciplinary action has been instituted against the four students for holding a staff member hostage on 26 May 2017. As midyear exams started on 2 June, it is likely that this matter will only be finalised at the start of the second semester. While the students have been suspended pending the disciplinary process, they will be allowed to write their exams”.