The TSC continued stating that they had consulted with management and that an agreement was reached whereby financial advances would be extended to NSFAS funded students until the end of May. When contacted on the matter, several private accommodations said that no NSFAS students had been evicted from their residences. Bronwyn Boavida, Portfolio Manager of Respublica, said that Respublica “has no intention of terminating the contracts of our NSFAS students, but rather finding a solution”. However, she also expressed that “NSFAS students that have a short fall between NSFAS funds and [rent] have to top up in their own capacity” and that termination letters had been issued to students who have not paid these top ups. She added that Respublica has acknowledged the need for more affordable rates at their residences and that they are “reducing rates of certain room types at each of their residences from 18 April 2017”.
Boavida also confirmed that no NSFAS funded students have been evicted from Respublica.  

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