Your first few weeks as a university student can be quite busy and stressful, so here are some of the very basics to get you started.

Check the labels of your clothes. If they are machine washable, there will be an image that looks like a side view of a bucket filled with water. If there are hands in the bucket, the clothing item should be hand washed.


“Remember to check your pockets”.
If an item of clothing is not able to go in the washing machine, it will be clearly stated on the label. Separate your light and dark items, although you may find you do not need to do this if the colours don’t run. New jeans must always be washed alone or with dark clothes as their colour tends to run. Remember to check your pockets and make sure they’re empty. Some machines have a drawer for your washing powder to go into. For those that do not have a compartment, like most res machines, put your washing powder directly into the machine with your clothes. Cold economical wash is generally the best option. If you are worried what might happen to a certain piece of clothing in the drier, rather hang it on a washing line instead.


Buying food
Always check the expiration date. There is nothing more frustrating than coming home with food that expires the next day. Not all fruit and vegetables need to be stored in the fridge, as tomatoes, onions, pears and bananas are better stored in a cool, dry place. It’s usually much cheaper to buy food in bulk, so take a friend or two along and share things like pockets of potatoes or chicken pieces.


• Fried noodles:
Make two minute noodles as per usual. Fry some chopped onions, frozen vegetables and meat in a pan and then add the noodles.

• Tomato pasta sauce:
Fry some onions in a pan and add diced tomatoes or a can of tinned tomatoes. You can also add bacon, mushrooms or minced beef to the sauce. Serve over pasta.

• Banana pancakes:
Mash two bananas in a bowl and one egg and one teaspoon of baking powder. Fry three or four pancakes, and sprinkle with cinnamon.


• Uber:
Uber is an on-demand taxi service that allows you to request a ride as you need it. It is cash free, so be sure to register your banking details on the app when you sign up. When you need to go somewhere, simply use the app to choose your vehicle type (UberX is the cheapest option), set your pickup location (you can also get a fare estimate), and follow the instructions on screen. The driver’s phone number, number plate and other information will be sent to you. There is also an option to split the fare over several Uber accounts if you’re sharing the trip.

• LC de Villiers sports campus bus There are two buses that leave from the Daan Swiegers parking lot opposite the duck pond on the Sport campus every 15 minutes, Monday to Friday. They stop outside the Centenary Building on Hatfield campus. The first bus leaves at 06:45 from the Sport campus, and the last bus leaves from the Centenary building at 17:45.


Illustration: Jackie Zhang

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