Curelitzia victorious at #StepitUP


On 4 May 2019, StepitUP took place from 17:30 in the evening and ran through to 23:00 with performances taking place at Amphitheatre and AULA.

One of the first performances were the ladies of House Erica with their theme of “oh shucks South African spies.” House Erica executed a creative performance with innovative moves and great volume. They took home the best ladies multiculturalism prize and placed third in the ladies category at the end of the evening.

Next up, the audience experienced Tuks Bophelong’s “behind every soldier,” who gave the audience a captivating storyline about a soldier’s life. Despite their few numbers, Tuks Bophelong made the stage their own. They also placed first in best mixed multiculturalism and placed first in best mixed category.

Following Tuks Bophelong, House Azalea introduced their theme of “Azalea’s army.” They began their performance with energy however it dwindled towards the end and they seemed to lose the audiences interest.

After this, the audience got to witness Marula Legae with an unclear theme of sleeping. Their coordination and choreography was decent and they provided entertainment by alluding to touchy University subjects in their performances such as recent name changes.

Hatfield Studios and Dregeana provided a collaboration with a theme of “there’s no place like home.” The performance was captivating at first until a dancer was injured and the mood of the performance affected. Dregeana and Hatfield Studios won best mixed band, best mixed theme and placed second in the mixed category.

Following this, the audience was treated to House Mags with “fight night.” House Mags was almost flawlessly in sync with great choreography and energy. They did a good job at maintaining the interest of the audience. House Mags placed second in the ladies category.

The Tower introduced a new theme of “Greek labola.” Their moves were overused but their spirit and energy was captivating. The Tower went home with best men’s multiculturalism and they placed third in men’s category.

Ikageng dwindled in number but still managed to keep the crowd pleased.

Following this, Madelief introduced “Dina and the divorcees.” Their performance went well until a dancer was dropped in a lift and suffered serious injury. She was airlifted to Milpark Hospital where they treated serious injuries however doctors say she will recover.

Subsequent to this unfortunate event, OP Village picked up the vibe again with their theme of “wonder women.” It was a good performance however lacked the “A Factor” without a band.

The audience then got to experience “London” with House Asterhof. They displayed a great performance with innovative moves however demonstrated poor behaviour when they disregarded the final winners at the end of the evening by cheering for themselves. House Asterhof only achieved best band.

House Ukuthula then provided men’s best theme with “corruption on the monopoly board.” Their performance was very creative and they provided great excitement for the audience despite the revoked rule to include lifts in their dance. House Ukuthula placed second in the men’s category.

Mopane delivered “keeping up with the load shedders” and offered great energy, volume and originality for the audience. Mopane won best men’s band and placed first in the men’s category.

The best performance of the night was “how to train your dragon” with Curelitzia. Their performance engrossed the audience, especially with their use of props. Curelitzia won best ladies theme, first in the ladies category and first overall. Despite the unfortunate injuries sustained, the night still went well. Each residence worked hard on their performance and it paid off due to the successful turnout of 2019s Stepit UP.

Photo: Sam Mukwamu

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