Overall, their performance was funny and synchronized. Magrietjie and Mopanie took home second place for their “The affair” and “The forgotten lives of Disney princes” themed performances respectively. Magrietjie stunned the crowd with their fast-paced routine, and their strobe lit “Look what you made me do” rendition. 2016 Serrie winners, Mopanie, sadly could not defend their title, even though they moved across the stage in interesting formations and flawlessly executed lifts. The fiercely presented ladies in red, Step It Up 2018 round up Katjiepiering, took home third place with an empowering performance.

Their magnificent drummer powered expertly through Demi Lovato’s “Confident”, and “I want you to want me” by Cheap Trick. Boekenhout secured third place for the men’s reses with their unique “Phantom of the Opera: Mzanzi tour” theme. Their energetic and enthusiastic performance was strewn with black light and strobe light sections which were well received by the crowd. A massive nod needs to be given to their amazing band who stole the spotlight more than once during Boekenhout’s performance. Curlitzia, from the Prinshof campus, took to the stage first with a puppet themed performance. According to them, the theme was “relevant because the youth of today do not want to conform.” The ladies from Curlitzia used ribbons as a very effective prop to signify stringed puppets breaking free. Their performances at the ladies’ prelims secured them as the prelim winners, unfortunately they could not uphold the same reputable performance at the finals. Curlitzia was followed by their medical campus male counterparts, Olympus, who went with a Maclemore inspired “Thrift Shop” theme.

The men struck a chord with the audience when they serenaded the crowd with Jessie J’s “Price Tag” translated into an African language. Erika impressed with their interesting lifts and a rendition of Katy Perry’s “Swish swish”. The girls donned two-toned dresses which suited their “Vogue Runway Models” theme well. In the preview video of their performance, an Erika representative said that they, like many other reses, had a problem getting students to participate, and struggled with people dropping out midway through preparations.


Photo: Elmarie Kruger