Students also raised concerns about how the SRC would be making students aware of the fee increase and whether they would be able to gather the necessary support for the march. Rasebopye replied that there is a petition currently being circulated in residences and that he felt that this was the best way to attain the numbers needed for the march. Rasethaba highlighted that communication at the university is “lousy in general” and that the SRC is trying to get as much support from students as possible.

Students also said that they did not believe that the SRC was using all their available resources. Some students called for all classes to be shut down on Thursday 17 September in order for the memorandum to be handed over. There was also a call for the SRC to organise another mass meeting for more students to air their concerns. It is unclear how the SRC plans to move forward, but the students at the meeting gave the SRC until next Thursday to come back to them with answers.


Photo: Shen Scott




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