On 3 June, the Constitutional Tribunal published it’s findings on the alleged transgressions of the CSG. The tribunal found that the election of Shingange had taken place in 2016 but rejected the allegation that the minutes were forged. Instead they found the SRC, and SRC secretary Donovan du Plooy in particular, were negligent.

On the allegation that the SRC had contravened the CSG by failing to publish documents relating to Student Forum at least two weeks beforehand, it was found that the SRC were guilty. They were ordered to publicly apologise to the student body for failing to uphold their responsibilities in relation to this matter and release a statement in which they commit to ensuring that they stick to these responsibilities in the future.

On the final allegation that the SRC’s internal decision not to re-elect the portfolio’s of president and deputy president was unconstitutional and not communicated to the student body, the tribunal could not prove whether this vote took place and that therefore the allegation was invalid. The Tribunal concluded that the DSA was to enforce the orders of the judgment.

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