The SRC has offered financial aid to support students whose household income doesn’t exceed R400 000. The SRC Financial Aid is meant to assist students with the payment of registration fees and students who have lost financial guardians or funding. There is a financial cap of R7500 per student and a criteria was set out for those wishing to apply, including proof of financial arrangements with UP, an academic average of 50% or higher, and an optional motivational letter. PDBY reached out to the SRC Treasurer, Jozias Mahube-Reinecke, and asked him a few questions with regard to the SRC budget as well as the SRC Financial Aid:

How much has been allocated to the SRC budget in total for 2021?

The SRC budget in total for 2021 is made up of R700 000.

In brief, how does the SRC plan on using this R700 000, and how much has been allocated to the Study Aid Fund.

R400 000 was allocated to operational funds, and R300 000 was allocated to the Study Aid Fund. The SRC Council made a decision to move half of the operational funds into the Study Aid Fund, to help register more students [and] to make it R500 000.

The SRC Financial Aid applications closed on 8 March and will be considered by the SRC review committee

Illustration: Tshepang Rihlampfu

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