In a statement released on social media by the SRC, they said that they are in the process of contacting the relevant stakeholders to ensure students that had already purchased tickets would be reimbursed. The designated funds for the event will be donated to the university’s Disability Unit.

Kamlongera said that he would have assisted in the organisation of the event on the condition that a permanent personnel member for the position of Rag Officer is reinstated. Shingange explained that the SRC does not have the power to reinstate staff members.

In the statement, the SRC confirmed the resignation of Kamlongera. When Perdeby requested comment from the SRC, SRC secretary Donovan du Plooy, Shingange and the SRC member with the media, marketing and communications portfolio Nobungcwele Mbem refused to comment immediately and did not return any of Perdeby’s request for comment later on. Kamlongera referred all questions to Shingange, saying that Spring Day is an SRC event.

TuksRag released a statement on social media in which they have claimed no involvement in the UP SRC Spring Day Bash. The statement said that all responsibilities for the organisation of the event were delegated directly by the SRC to Kamlongera as the TuksRag ex-officio member. They also said that Kamlongera had told the TuksRag executive committee that they would not be involved in the organisation of the Spring Day Bash, as it was an SRC event and has been for the last two years.


Image: TuksRag Facebook page