PDBY spoke to the SRC media communications officer, Amogelang Gerald Mokwena, with regards to the role that the SRC is playing during the national lockdown, and the initiatives it has been taking as a representative body in the midst of a global pandemic.

Mokwena issued a response to PDBY that the key goal of the SRC during this time frame is to remain operational in serving students to the best of their ability. The SRC has attended the World Summit Forum conference online, and a SAUS conference during lockdown. The feedback that the SRC gave with regard to the SAUS conference it has attended, is that the Minister of Higher Education has established a task team to address issues in the sector. Students are represented on this task team through SAUS delegates. More information regarding the proceedings can be found on www.usaf.ac.za following engagements that Vice Chancellors have had in the sector. Mokwena mentions that the SRC is liaising continuously with the task team through SAUS, and more information regarding the meeting can be found on https:// www.usaf.ac.za/business-continuity-in-the-face-of-covid-19-dominates-the-agenda-of-the-usaf-board-of-directors-meeting/.

The SRC also attended the World Summit Series via Twitter. This was the Southern Africa Impact Forum. This forum was conversational in the emphasis on brainstorming. The SRC has also been taking academic initiatives during lockdown. Mokwena said that the SRC has been continuously following up on the zero-rating of ClickUP, and other associated websites by network service providers. Feedback regarding this venture has been given to the student body via the communication that has come from the office of the Vice Principal for Academics. Mokwena mentioned to PDBY that the SRC is corresponding with students digitally, and telephonically on a daily basis. He strongly encouraged students to continually keep contact with the SRC during this period. Students can get SRC contacts on the SRC website via https://www.up.ac.za/student-representative-council/article/2754266/ preveiw?module=cms&slug=content-item&id=2754266

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