The lineup this year did not disappoint, and the right mood was set when the day began with the likes of Shortstraw, Klopjag and Nomadic Orchestra on the stage. The thought of standing in the sun did not deter crowds that flocked to the stage for Al Bairre’s highly anticipated performance. Kyle Davis, Al Bairre’s guitarist, commented on the experience, saying, “We thought the event was so much fun! There was a water slide, free sun cream and even a dance floor in the forest! We were also blown away by how everyone was out in the sun dancing even though it felt like one million degrees.”

As the late afternoon sun became less severe, people fought for a spot in the crowd to witness Jack Parow’s entertaining set. The crowd was held in suspense as they waited for Parow to appear on stage after a dramatic introduction, and burst with excitement when the melodies from hits like “Dans dans dans” and “Hosh tokolosh” swept over them. Students came from far and wide to witness the way that Pretoria celebrates Spring Day, and one such student from the University of the Free State, Tracy Bennet, said , “I enjoyed every minute of the day out dancing in the sun with my favourite bands. I would drive from Bloemfontein any day to see Al Bairre live.”

Willem van der Schyff, festival director of Lentedag, was also pleased with the way that the event panned out and told Perdeby that “from an organiser’s point of view, we are extremely happy and feel that it was a well-executed event. It looks like the students enjoyed it a lot and appreciated the extra shading and bigger bar [that] we supplied. The event had no major hiccups and the students behaved themselves extremely well. We can’t wait for next year!”

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