PDBY recently had the opportunity to catch-up  with The Inklings’s Society chairperson, Isak Mostert.

What is the Inklings Society about?

The Inklings Society is a literary and drama society, and our primary aim is to preserve and appreciate the dramatic and artistic talents and abilities of both our members, and the larger UP community as a whole. We believe there is a wonderful capacity for the events we put on, and we always aim to foster creativity and unity among our members.

How can people get involved?

Becoming a member gives you access to all of our official communications, which advertise events
and functions. We have an Instagram[account] on which we post everything you could want or need
to know (@theinklingstuks). Writing poems and plays, engaging in performances, and being a valued
member of the audience are all wonderful ways anyone can contribute to the Inklings. We believe in
the duality of the performers and the audience, and our society can only exist if both groups are engaged
and excited.

What can we expect from the Inklings this year?

We have a number of events planned for this year. We are currently undertaking a charity book drive,
and we look forward to our annual publication, The Inklinations, as well as an Inklings ball, trivia evenings, and should circumstances allow it, some in-person performances.

What are five words you would use to describe the executive committee?

Passionate. Resilient. Excited. Reachable. Innovative.

How have the Inklings adjusted to a more online environment?

As a very physical society, the online environment has made things difficult. However, we are conducting more events off-campus to follow guidelines, and we have moved many of our previously only physical publications into the online sphere. We are always reachable via email: thinklings.tuks@gmail.com, and we
encourage any inquisitive community members to send us an email if they’d like more info.

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