PDBY recently spoke to third year mechanical engineering student Lethabo Kupayi, also known as Motive, about him, his music and what it is like being a student DJ.

When did you realise that being a DJ is what you want to do?

Growing up one of my uncles used to have virtual DJ on his laptop and that’s how I started. When I moved to PTA, I kept on playing. I met one of my friends, Rethabile, and we carried on together. And it just clicked that I wanted to deejay because I have been doing it since primary school.

Which DJs (internationally and local) inspire you?

There are a lot. Locally, it has to be LeNanza, I think she’s the best DJ in PTA, I love her. I also think Venom is great. Usually, I look out to everyone that’s made it but right now those are my favourite DJs. Internationally DJ Crazy is great. There [aren’t] a lot of huge hip hop DJs internationally, but also Black Coffee is crazy, Major League DJs and mostly all the amapiano guys that are doing crazy stuff internationally and I look up to them also. But I am a hip-hop DJ.

How is it performing at full clubs as a student?

It’s pretty crazy and amazing. It’s like the best thing ever. Every time I get on stage, and I see all those people having the time of their lives because of me is really special. It’s like I have the power to make people happy and it’s so great also that I’m also doing something that makes me really happy, I love it.

You released Love Tapes Vol 1.0 earlier this year, what inspired the mix?

There was a certain girl I liked when the year started, I never got to date her, but it was Valentine’s Day, and I made her listen and hoped she’d feel the same way but she moved away from PTA.

What are the biggest hurdles you’ve had to overcome so far in being a musician?

There’s so many but the worst things that’s ever happened to me has to be lockdown. It messed up so much for me, life wasn’t the same and I couldn’t go out and do what I love and make people happy and dance. So, lockdown has to be the worst thing that’s happened .

You have worked with Homecoming Events, what was the experience like working an event like that?

That was really great, it was one of my biggest shows not in numbers, but the experience was crazy. They are really professional and took care of me really nicely. You feel like a superstar there, I mean I feel like a superstar when I’m at most of my shows but that was a level higher, it feels really great. I think that was one of my happiest and favourite shows I have played. Homecoming is definitely top two shows I have ever played.

Which DJ would you love to work with in the future?

I’d love to work with Venom, because I really look up to him and one day, I wish I could play a back-to-back set with him, he’s really great. Music wise, I’d love to work with DJ Slick. Sfarzo RT [and I] got to work on stuff but never finished that. I want to work with Lesedi the DJ also TP the DJ, they are great guys who are doing great things in PTA, I’m all about the city.

What can we expect next from you in terms of releasing another mixtape?

I have kind of [taken] a break from releasing mixes online. I have just been focusing more on performances and if you want to see me just come to one of my shows. I don’t really like dropping mixtapes unless it’s for radio.

Who has been supporting you throughout all of this the past year?

The past year has been so tough for me, but I have always had my mom by my side supporting me and keeping me moving and the rest of my family. They mean so much to me and keep pushing me and have helped me get over some of the toughest times. and I love being a DJ but sometimes it gets really hard, and you need people that love you and my family has been able to do that.

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