Following on from her SAMA wins, she also took home the Best International Act BET award and was nominated for the same category this year. Her international attention led to her sharing the stage with Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran at the Global Citizen Festival last year. Her song ‘John Cena’ gained a lot of attention in 2019, spawning a viral dance that led her to the American talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show. The WWE legend surprised her on the show and her catchy hit singles cemented her as an international icon. To date, two of her songs, ‘John Cena’ and ‘Huku’ have over a million streams on Spotify. Madjozi is a force to be reckoned with and she shows no sign of slowing down. She recently announced that she would be releasing a documentary to showcase Tsonga Xibelani skirts. Madjozi has always been vocally proud of her Tsonga heritage and this documentary will show the colour and beauty in her culture. The artist expressly showcases her culture in everything she does from her clothes to her lyrics. Madjozi first hinted at the documentary with a short trailer on her Facebook page two years ago and has been trying to source funding along the way. Madjozi is truly an icon of South African music, and now fans just have to wait for her to drop her debut single for Epic Records.

Illustration: Giovanna Janos

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