Tuks FM

TuksFM is UP’s own radio station and was founded in 1981. At first, TuksFM only broadcasted to the Hatfield campus. Between 1982 and 1984, TuksFM started broadcasting to all of UP’s campuses and residences. The station received its first one-year broadcasting license in 1995. TuksFM’s main target audience is high school learners, students and young working people. The South African Audience Research Foundation estimates that TuksFM has an average of 50 000 listeners. TuksFM was crowned Campus Station of the Year four consecutive times (2012 – 2015) at the annual MTN Radio Awards. TuksFM broadcasts on the 107.2 FM frequency. Tuks FM can be contacted at info@tuksfm.co.za, at their office on 012 420 3805, or onTwitter @TuksFm1072


Tuks RAG

Tuks RAG (Reach out And Give) is a non-profit organisation run by students and aims to raise funds for various charities. RAG gathers funds by hosting events such as the UP Beat Festival, the RAG procession and the annual Spring Day Festival. RAG is also involved in short and long term community projects. One of the eight portfolios within RAG is TUSHO (Tuks University Student Help Organisation). One of TUSHO’s projects is a soup kitchen that provides food to pensioners.



The Student Disciplinary Advisory Panel (SDAP) provides assistance to students charged with misconduct. The panel consists of students from the law faculty at UP. SDAP does not represent students during disciplinary hearings, instead the SDAP consults with students on their hearing. During a consultation, the SDAP will explain the entire disciplinary process and answer any questions relating to the procedures. All cases handled by the SDAP will be handled confidentially.



Stuku (Student Culture) organises cultural activities for students. Notable events organised by Stuku include Serrie, Serenade and InSync (formerly IenkMelodienk). InSync happens in the beginning of the year. It is an inter-residence activity where the first years of the reses perform for one another. Serrie is dance performances by the residences where they compete with one another. Serenade is an a capella singing competition where small groups from the residences once again compete against one another. Serenade is a national event where UP residences regularly advance to the finals.


Image: Marko Svicevic