It was yet another week of Serrie for the UP residences, starting off with the prelims held on 28 and 29 April and ending with the finals on 1 May.  Houses Magrietjie and Vividus Men were chosen as the winners for Serrie 2010.

 The second position went to Klaradyn (76%) and Boekenhout (84%), with Erika (71%) and Sonop (82%) taking third place.

 “It’s a good feeling to win and to see that the hard work finally paid off,” said Elize-Mari Prinsloo, Magrietjie’s Primaria.

This year’s Serrie had many residences putting their best foot forward. Residences showed off their creative moves such as Vividus Men with their “triangle throw” Klaradyn with their rollerskates and air-splits, and Boekenhout’s sword fight. There were also creative themes such as Nerina’s Transformers, Madelief’s Egyptian mummies and Boekenhouts Pirates of the Caribbean. Madelief and Boekenhout went on to receive the award for the best theme. Costumes were no exception, such as Asterhof’s nurse outfits, Jasmyn’s police dresses and Vividus Men’s marching band attire.

 When it came to reception, there was also no end to creativity. Olienhout created a club atmosphere, complete with DJ and male strippers, and another residence even had live pigs join the party. Olienhout and Magrietjie won the prize for best reception.

 “The competition was high this year, compared to last year’s prelims,” said Zonke Mthethwa, Stuku Executive Committee member. Boekenhout and Magrietjie won the prelims.

The Serrie finals included ten residences: Asterhof, Klaradyn, Madelief, Erika, Magrietjie, Boekenhout, Mopanie, Vividus Men, Maroela and Sonop. Maroela was in the finals for the first time in more than five years.

 Not even the rain could keep the crowd away from the Serrie finals. “The atmosphere of Serrie was awesome. People really came out to support,” said Tania Venter, an Engineering student

UP’s Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Prof. C de la Ray opened the event by encouraging students to explore their talent. The event was hosted by Bakgat actor, Ivan van Botha and the judging was done by seven external judges. They were looking for unity, creativity, entertainment, musicality and connection with audiences by the performers. “We are excited to be judging Serrie, since most of the judges are former Tuks students,” said Elma Postma, Mating Game actress.

Boekenhout had the crowd on their feet with their unconventional serrie and Magrietjie’s black and white stripes made for an interesting optical illusion. The evening ended with a performance by Die Heuwels Fantasties, as well as an unexpected dance-off involving the External Culture HK’s from all the participating residences.

According to Riaan van de Walt – Chairperson of Stuku – this year’s Serrie was of high standard.

“Serrie is starting to become more professional, it has truly evolved,” said Van der Walt. He also pointed out that the performance time had decreased from 14-17 minutes to 11-13 minutes and feels that this change has made a difference in the quality of Serrie. He also emphasised the significance of Serrie, stating that it brings creativity and culture together. “It’s the heart of Tuks’ culture,” he added.                                                     With a hectic three months of Serrie over, Tuks students will hopefully be able to start focusing on their academics again.

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