While cardboard was previously disposed of as other waste, 11 new recycling cages for cardboard collection have been placed across UP campuses.

During the last four months of 2016 approximately 16 403 tons of cardboard were collected from these recycling cages. Waste and Environmental Management manager, Ilze Ueckermann, said that the goals for UP for 2017 to 2018 are “to increase the volume recycled, from the current 18%, to 20%; ensuring that the product removed off campus is cleaner and less contaminated; making a video clip that can be used during training; making staff and students aware not to mix white paper with other paper when disposing it [and] reporting recycling per campus will be elaborated and optimi[s]ed”. Enquiries relating to waste management can be directed to Waste and Environmental Management manager, Ilze Ueckermann on 012 420 2046,

 079 527 5775 or ilze.ueckermann@up.ac.za.

Any staff members or students interested in becoming more involved in recycling can receive support assistance from the Campus Services Division. Interested members will be given plastic bags in which recyclable waste can be taken to the recycling points (below) by 08:00 on Friday, where it will be removed by The Waste Group. Campus recycling points are as follows:

•Hatfield campus: Festival street, Agriculture building and Visual Arts building.

•Groenkloof campus: Recycling area.

•Prinshof campus: Waste skip, Pathology building, HW Snyman building and Waste skip parking area.

•Onderstepoort campus: Waste skip incinerator.

•LC de Villiers: Waste skip Sports Centre.

•Mamelodi campus: Waste skip animal clinic.


Infographic: Sam Sherwood

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