Party Fest, a competition held to determine which res “parties the hardest”, kicked off on Wednesday 3 February with the launch of the men’s season at OppiSquare. The evening was filled with demonstrations of drinking games, great music and an enthusiastic crowd. The event was hosted by the creator of the Party Fest concept, Lian Fourie of Lian Fourie Entertainment CC.

The nine men’s residences chosen to compete in the upcoming Party Fest took the opportunity to train against non-res teams. This meant that the games where open to everyone in order to pump up spirits in anticipation of the Party Fest competition. Contestants were divided into teams of four, with creative names such as “Team Whiskers” and asked to compete in a series of events.

Beerpong and Keg-stance counted among the games played, designed to determine just how much alcohol one’s body can handle. For those who preferred to just socialise and take it easy, the DJ provided a flow of good music.

One of the prestigious moments of the evening was the handing over of the trophy to last year’s winners, Klaradyn. Fourie congratulated the ladies of Klaradyn, in particular Madelein Roelofse, Klaradyn’s internal culture HK, for their creative theme.

What distinguishes the men’s season from the ladies’ is the fact that the ladies’ parties were based around themes, while the guys’ are centred on drinking games. Also, the parties will not be held at Brooklyn’s Fashion TV venue, but at OppiSquare in Hatfield. The main aim, however, stays the same: to see which res can throw the mother of all parties.

The nine men’s residences that will be taking part in the competition are Kiaat, Boekenhout, Taaibos, Olienhout, Olympus, Maroela, Kollege, Sonop and Vividus. The grand prize for this year’s winning res is     R30 000. The first party took place on 10 February and the grand finale will be on 12 May.

Judging by the launch, season two of the Party Fest is not to be missed, if you want to keep your social life up to date.

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