“Death of a bachelor” is a remixed jazz-style song with a Sinarta-esque feel, complete with melodious vocals and a jazzy trumpet accompaniment. This is a song you want to sing along to, thanks to its enticing lyrics, and the mix of styles makes you want to listen to the track over and over again.

The last track on the album, “Impossible year”, starts off with an emotional piano and vocal duo. The two elements work together to show each other off, and violin and trumpet flourishes are used to add an interesting tone to the track. This simple track carries strong themes of isolation and introspection, making it a striking way to end off the album.

Death of a Bachelor is an album filled with tracks that have been influenced by many different styles and genres. The listener is sent on a musical journey with something new to experience on each track. This is indicative of Panic! at the Disco’s musical evolution, as the group has been shaped by the departure of members and several drastic genre shifts over the years. Death of a Bachelor is a musically impressive album with many spectacular tracks and is highly recommended to all listeners.


Rating: 5/5


Image: PanicAtTheDisco.com

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