Looking back at the history of the residences, it becomes clear that the more things change, the more things stay the same.

1. Sonop is one of the residences that has stayed true to its res tradition. Sonop still goes on the Drommedaris cycle tour which started more than thirty years ago.

2. Rag floats are still being built and residences have kept the traditions of vouing blommetjies alive and well. Perdeby understands that the floats of long ago regularly suffered from rain damage, as they didn’t have the advantage of being made out of plastic and polystyrene, but cardboard. Shame. But at least cardboard is easier to work with. You win some, you lose some.

3. It seems the first years in the 60s and 70s were not amused by the act of sleeping. But who can blame them? Waking up early in the morning and then running to the female residences or waiting outside res for the male residences to pitch up and then having to belt out a note to each other isn’t our idea of fun either.

4. This is one of the oldest dinning halls at TuksRes, JAKE dinning hall. It’s used by Jasmyn, Asterhof, Klaradyn and Erika. Not much has changed over the last decades, including the role this hall plays in first year weight gain.

5. First years cheering at a res event and it’s great to see that the residences have continued with this culture. However, the amount of cheering that you do in your first year is insane. One of the things you’ll always remember in your Ienk year is the many res songs/war cries you sang. These first years seem like they understand your pain.

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