This year Perdeby decided to give the chairpersons of all the residences a chance to tell us a bit more about themselves and their res. Each week Perdeby will be interviewing two people so be on the lookout for your favourite residence.

 Perdeby wanted to know more about the succesful Nyasha Kuzinya, chairperson of Asterhof, and rushed off to see what the lady behind the blue blazer had to say.


What are you studying? 

I’m doing my honours in criminology this year.


How many years are you in res now? 

This is my fourth year.

Why do you think Asterhof is the best?  

At Asterhof we encourage each other to be individuals. We work together as a group, but we do not get lost in the group so that we can present ourselves as individuals with a rightful place in life.

What are you planning for this year?

We plan to strengthen our strong bond between each other so that we can be [well] rounded internally as a group, because that is where success lies: [to] work together as one.

What do you think you need to do to succeed in this?

We have to focus on the well-being of each of the girls and also on the well-being of ourselves in order to stand firm in a group.

What is your favourite experience at Asterhof?

Wow, should there only be one? There are so many! Well, since I am a bit of a watcher, I would say to see the girls develop and grow. You see them coming in as Sterretjies and you get the chance to see them change over time into leaders and succesful women.

What is your passion and why?

My passion is order and to organise or to give structure to something. This helps me to challenge myself to be organised and also to accept other bigger challenges.

Who do you think is Asterhof’s biggest competition this year?

Well, the competition is always hot on the levels of sport, culture and academics, but we are always wondering what Klaradyn 

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