Rouge says that she was already in the industry while in university. However, regarding the jump from university life to the industry, she remarks, “I felt the need to give my focus to my education first. It was more [like] going from zero to 100 in the industry. I’m just glad it happened right after school.”

Rouge recognises the challenges faced by a female in a male dominated industry, saying that, “as a female rapper you will always have to compete with the worst male rapper before even being considered to [appear] on the same stage as the best, even if you are just as talented. It sucks but I feel female [MCs] of the past didn’t deliver enough.”

Rouge has recently released a new single, “Mi corazon”, featuring rapper and producer BigStar Johnson. When asked what inspired the song, she said that the beat was sent to her by a friend and that it honestly just came to [her]. Nothing was pre-planned.”

Rouge is planning on collaborating with several artists for future releases, but doesn’t want to give too much away. She will be working with the production team Ganja Beats and award-winning hip hop artist Solo in the near future.


Image: Rouge’s Facebook page

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