When speaking to Perdeby, Afriforum SRC candidate Henrico Barnard said that a large group of students would not be able to vote and that this would jeopardise the voice of the students.  “We’re going to lose all the first years on campus because they’re technically not allowed to vote, as well as this year’s final years,” said Barnard.

Daso SRC candidate Kwena Moloto, however, agreed to the postponement. “I think with Afriforum breaking the amount of rules that they did, it’s probably best that it has been postponed because the integrity, freedom and fairness of the re-election had been compromised completely,” said Moloto.

The third candidate, Tumelo “Duke” Rasebopye, stated that “it is unfortunate that we enter another postponement, I just hope that the decision taken will work out to be for the benefit of the student body”.



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