Other floats were based on well-known festivals. Olympus and Jasmyn’s theme was Tomorrow Land. Their focus was on colour and music icons like Hardwell.  Erika and Sonop’s Oktober Fest float was effective as it was simple but big. Nerina and Naledi chose Rio Carnival with the Rio queen as a kind of fairytale character. Katjiepiering, Kiaat and Jacaranda chose Comic-Con.  This float was inspired by the desire “to be superheroes to the people we are helping” said Michaela Juby, Katjiepiering’s Rag Hk.

Two of the floats were inspired by Chinese festivals. Madelief and Vividus Men’s theme was the Chinese New Year Festival. One of the float’s figures was a sheep as 2015 is the year of the sheep. Inca and Maroela chose the Chinese Lantern Festival. This float was different from all the others because it only used recyclable materials. Magrietjie and Mopanie’s theme was Kaapse Klopse. Mpho Aphane, Magrietjie’s Rag HK, explained that they wanted to do a festival “that would bring something that is South African”. Klaradyn, Kollege and Zinnia’s theme was Autumn Festival. Their float was a jungle gym which was linked to Kollege’s memory tree and their centenary year.

The festivities ended with Sonop and Erika winning. Second were Jasmyn and Olympus, third were Asterhof and Boekenhout, fourth were Nerina and Naledi and in fifth place Olienhout and Lilium.


Sonop and Erika’s float. Photo: Kirsty Mackay

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