International acts visiting South Africa. We like bands when they like us. Also when they come to our pretty country to play us pretty music. Recently South Africa has hosted bands such as Billy Talent and Basement Jaxx, but still to come are Daughtry, Crowded House, 30 Seconds to Mars and even Enrique Iglesias. We say keep ‘em coming!

Cyanide and Happiness. A web comic. Trust us, it’s fantastic. Read it at explosm.net/comics. Okay, so it’s kind of offensive and blunt – but totally makes up for it by being equally hilarious. Don’t take it too seriously, and you’ll be okay.

Kinder Joy. Here at Perdeby, we are still kids at heart. We like rollercoasters. We like ice-cream. And most of all, we like things that come with surprise toys. Especially when chocolate is involved. Don’t get us wrong: we’re adults when we really have to be (but how often is that actually necessary, anyway?)



Moustaches. They’re really funny to joke about. And having a moustache-themed party is super cool (in an ironic way). Trust us, we’ve been to one. But the point is that the moustache comes off when you go home. Growing a real moustache just makes you look like a Cuban drug lord. Or a police officer from the 1970s. Or a glam rocker who doesn’t know much about hygiene. Bottom line: it’s creepy. Besides, Mom always said never to trust a man with a moustache.

Vitamin Water. We thought it was awesome when it came out. Hangover cure in a bottle? Score! But sadly, Coca Cola – who produces Vitamin Water – is now being sued for misleading consumers into believing the drinks have health benefits. Meanwhile, the product contains 33 grams of sugar per bottle and has no proven health benefits. Coca Cola has dismissed the claims as “ridiculous”. And the best part? Their reasoning. Apparently, “no consumer could be reasonably mislead into thinking Vitamin Water [is] a healthy beverage”. Seriously? Er, last time we checked, when you put the word “vitamin” into the name of a product and blab forever on its packaging about how good it is for you, consumers kind of tend to believe you. As one Twitter user aptly put it, “Can you guys tell the difference between the flavours of vitamin water? Whenever I have one all I can taste is marketing.”

Celebrities getting arrested and/or going to rehab. Last week, Lindsay Lohan was released (early, of course) from prison and rehab where she was serving time for cocaine possession and drunk driving. Also last week, Paris Hilton got busted for cocaine, which she claimed was not hers. Ever heard of subtlety, girls?

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