The name Kollege can be more than just a synonym for alcoholics, but there is more to them than what they always seem to portray. McGinty’s recently hosted a quiz night on August 4, for Kollege and Katjiepiering. The evening consisted of the two reses with ten teams each. Team names ranged from “Legen-wait-for-it-dary” to the original “Alcohooligans” whose motto was; “The more we drink, the cleverer we get.” The MC was Robbie Cruz (originally from TuksFm) who is currently a DJ in Jacaranda Fm’s graveyard slot (weeknights from 11:00 to 02:00). He set the right mood with his jokes and interactive approach when asking the questions. The quiz included identifying the song snippet and questions such as, “What does a dipsomaniac crave?” Answer: alcohol. Each of the five rounds consisted of eight questions with the teams exchanging their answer sheets at the end of each round to be marked. Contestants were not allowed to google the answer, nor were they allowed to shout out the answer.  Cruz randomly gave away free drinks throughout the quiz to the team with the lowest points, to the best dressed team and the guy who proudly wore a Bafana Bafana jersey. The winners were Legends who won a whole case of Red Square; Final Say came in second winning half a case of Red Square with East Side in third position receiving only a Red Square six pack. Once again Kollege proved why they’re one of the best residences to have a good time with

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