Pssst… had to give up precious hours of Pssst…’s life to attend External Prestige last week, and Pssst… honestly isn’t sure whether it was worth it. If only Pssst… was able to reach some of the wine that the Kollege and Jasmyn HKs were having. Oh, to be royally drunk at a TuksRes event – not that Pssst… expected anything less from these exemplary reses.

Pssst… is also sure that everyone was expecting Kollege to win Pssst…’s gossip res of the year award. However, Pssst… can’t take responsibility for Zinnia and Inca winning the award for newsmakers of the year. Pssst… would think that you’d need to prove that you’re more than just a one-hit wonder in order to qualify as a “newsmaker”, but, oh well.

In other news, nobody really cares about the awards that Mopanie, Curlitzia and Magrietjie won, and nobody is surprised that Katjiepiering, Kiaat and Asterhof walked away with nothing.

What surprised Pssst…, though, was the fact that TuksVillage actually won an award – even though no one from TuksVillage was there to receive it. Tsk, tsk. Perhaps this proves that TuksVillage is even more mythical as a res than Erika’s unicorn.

To be honest, that last statement has actually made Pssst… a little worried that TuksVillage might send Pssst… another angry email demanding an apology, so Pssst… will apologise in advance: sorry, not sorry.

The year might be drawing to a close, but Pssst… has no intention of backing down just yet. If you feel particularly offended that your res of choice didn’t make it into Pssst… this week, be the change you want to see in the

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