Oh, Lilium, what can Pssst… say? Not much, it seems, seeing as Pssst… had no idea what was going on in your serrie. Then again, neither did you.

Nerina included so many songs about winning in their serrie that they forgot to actually do it. Sorry Nerina, but Pssst… thinks your serrie was less rags to riches and more rags to … well, rags. And OP? Well, at least you aren’t TuksVillage.

Pssst… is glad to see that Kollege did not disappoint on the drunken-chicken-dance front this year. Maybe one day, Kollege, instead of arriving to your serrie mid-performance and following Maroela into the wrong venue, you’ll stop overcompensating for the fact that you are the rebound guys of res.

Pssst… hears that Maroela are quite disappointed that they didn’t make finals this year. Pssst… can’t understand why, though, since the only thing even remotely interesting in their serrie was a bit of nip-slip and the fact that Pssst… could totally see their underwear through their costumes.

Pssst… can’t say much about Kiaat, other than the fact that Pssst… is thankful that they kept their shirts on this year. Who knows, next year you might even keep your dignity too.

Pssst… would like to congratulate Vividus Men for being only slightly less bad than they were last year. At least you could do it with the lights on this time, Vividus.

Serrie finals weren’t as interesting as Pssst… was hoping they would be. There was almost no drama to speak of, except for a Mopanie house member who tried to pick a fight with campus security. Perhaps if Mopanie had put more effort into their serrie and spent less time starting brawls they clearly couldn’t win, they wouldn’t have nearly injured one of their performers by throwing him so high that he made contact with the Amphi stage’s roof.

Pssst… thinks it’s really cute that Vividus Ladies thought they actually had a shot at winning serrie this year. No, ladies. Just no. Olympus, once again you have managed to make it to finals and nothing more. Maybe you should take a page out of Boekenhout’s book and … oh, wait.

Pssst… thinks that finals must have been difficult for TuksNaledi. You know what they say: you are your own toughest opponent.

Pssst… doesn’t really understand why Curlitzia did as well as they did, but this might be because Pssst… slept through their entire performance. At least Pssst… was able to stay awake through Zinnia’s performance. Not that it helped.

Speaking of sleeping, Pssst… couldn’t decide whether Katjiepiering were Fired Up or fizzling out. At least the Katte didn’t embarrass themselves by doing worse than they did last year. That wouldn’t have been great for your reputation, now would it, Katte? Just ask Erika.

Olienhout’s unflattering tracksuits and theme made Pssst… a little confused. Pssst… doesn’t think the Houte understand what the term “dystopian” means, but that’s okay, because most of the audience didn’t either.

Pssst… found it quite amusing that when the presenters asked who should win in the ladies’ category, an enthusiastic crowd member suggested it should be Taaibos. Pssst… loves incidents like these. The jokes practically write themselves.

Even more amusing was Magrietjie celebrating Curlitzia’s third place even more than Curlitzia were. Then again, Pssst… would likely have done the same.

Serrie might be over, but that doesn’t mean that Pssst… is taking time out. On the contrary, Pssst… has eyes and ears everywhere and will be back next week. As long as the residences keep embarrassing themselves (oh, do they ever) Pssst… will be around to tell you about it.

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