Things didn’t go too well in the Katjie/Kiaat camp either. Pssst… hopes that Kiaat recovered from their sense of humour failure after walking out on the final night of Rag preparations. Pssst… would like to encourage the Katte to keep their chins up. One day you’ll find a Rag partner who likes you for you, but with your Primaria handing out fines for people not attending house meetings, Pssst… suggests you get Katjiepiering to want to hang out with Katjiepiering first.

On to more current news, Madelief appears to a have commitment issue as their seniors don’t even want to continue one of their oldest traditions. Pssst…. will miss the jottirs on campus, as it’s nice to know that someone looks more ridiculous than Pssst… does on a Thursday.

And finally: Pssst… would like to issue an “official retraction” and an apology to TuksVillage. Pssst… would like to make it clear that no TuksVillage first-year was “forced” to attend any of their “carefully thought out” activities that aimed to “maximise a diverse social integration”, when instead they could be attempting to burn down their rooms. Pssst… would also like to clarify that “mandatory attendance” of activities during TuksVillage’s “Welcoming and Information Week” does not count, as “compulsory = forced” is a “weak defence” that Pssst… does not wish to “hide behind”. Pssst… would therefore like to invite TuksVillage (and all you other Gossip Girls) to send your “satirical examples” of a “humourous outlook on residence life” to

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