Speaking of Serenade winners, Pssst… would like to ask Curlitzia to not shout their performance over the radio next time, that is, if there is a next time – Pssst… isn’t so sure that there will be one now after that performance. Pssst… wasn’t alone in being nauseated by another res. Pssst… hears that Madelief were so put off by all the Magrietjie girls at Aandklas on Thursday night that they left the party early. Pssst… wonders if Madelief left early because they were as horrified as Pssst… was at Magrietjie’s epic fail of a Harry Potter-themed social. Pssst… just wants to tell Magrietjie that if they’re not going to do something properly, then they shouldn’t do it at all. Then again, Pssst… reckons this kind of thing is to be expected when you team up with Mopanie.

From flower petals to dinner dates at Tuks Monate, Taaibos is trying really hard to impress Curlitzia but it seems to Pssst… that the girls are more interested in Sonop than they are in their new Rag partners. Pssst… suggests Taaibos invest some money and take Curlitzia to a proper restaurant because greasy res food is as much of a turn off as Boekenhout’s faces after losing Serrie.

Pssst… hears that Lilium are elated that they have a real residence to Rag with next year, Pssst… isn’t so sure that Olienhout feel the same way, though.

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