Pssst… thinks that Boekenhout can’t be too happy about ragging with a Groenkloof res. However, Pssst… also thinks that Boekenhout needs to get over themselves, since Zinnia were at least able to have an entertaining Serrie this year, unlike the Ysters.

Pssst… would like to send its condolences in advance to Rag partners Luminous and Asterhof, and Madelief and Kiaat for their Rag loss.

Pssst… has a few Rag theme suggestions for next year as well. Sonop and Vividus Ladies, have you considered making your theme Barbie and Ken? Pssst… thinks that Erika and Vividus Men can just recycle the SonopErika Rag float from last year, since both these reses think they’re too good to do much work.

Pssst… wonders how the KatjiepieringOlympus Rag pairing will work. It probably won’t.

Pssst… also finds the JasmynMopanie pairing very interesting. Perhaps this means that in 2016 Jasmyn might actually win something for once. Just not through their own efforts.

Pssst… knows that Maroela loves digging into Mopanie’s leftovers, but being assigned their 2015 Rag partners is just ridiculous. At least this means that Magrietjie has a proper Rag partner for once. Speaking of proper Rag partners, Pssst… hears that Inca will be ragging by themselves.

Adding to their recent string of bad luck, Pssst… hears that Olienhout will be partnering up with Klaradyn next year. Sorry, Houte. Then again, Pssst… feels way more sorry for Taaibos, who have Lilium as their Rag partners. Not even the Brakke deserve such a tragic partnership.

Summer is definitely on the way, meaning that the days are getting much hotter. Luckily Pssst… will be back next week to provide lots of shade. In the meantime, send your res gossip to


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