Pssst… hears that the word of the week at Inca is “desperate”. After struggling to find partners for their informal, the girls got together and decided that it’s better to show up with a Kiaat boy than no one at all. Not that Kiaat was too flattered by the last-minute invitations. Pssst… noticed that the boys found making romantic moves on their dates less interesting than criticising everything from decorations to dresses. Pssst… thinks Lilium should learn a lesson from Inca’s disaster. Pssst… has heard that the girls have been complaining about not having any socials. After the less-than-enthusiastic response to Miss Lilium, Pssst… thinks the girls should lie low on the social radar for a while, or at least until they learn to market themselves better. Speaking of knowing how to market yourself, Erika seems to have captured the attention of quite a few male residences. The Erika girls must be really fascinated with Boekenhout’s new interior. Perhaps when Olienhout gets their revamp more girls will be interested in them. Pssst… is relieved that Olienhout have escaped unwanted Asterhof and Jasmyn attention now that the boys have moved from the Proefplaas. Taaibos doesn’t appear to be so lucky. Apparently Jasmyn are so eager for anything Taaibos that they’ve moved on from the seniors to the first years. Pssst… thinks that there are more subtle ways of announcing your desperation.

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