Apparently the ladies from Katjiepiering are convinced that they are now the official inspiration to underdogs everywhere. Pssst… hates to break it to you, Katte, but you actually have to achieve something a little more notable than second place before you can inspire anyone.


Pssst… was a little disappointed to see so few jottirs on campus this week. Pssst… wonders if Madelief have decided to go into hiding after their Serrie embarrassment? Or maybe the Knolle have finally realised that their atrocious hats provide just cause for calling in the fashion police. Then again, so did their Serrie outfits.


Pssst… sees that Kollege have taken to setting up home-made traps on their front lawn. Have you decided to take the “rats in res” problem into your own hands, Kollege? While you’re at it, maybe you can bait some Boekenhout first-years, seeing as Pssst… hears their manners have been a little ratty lately.


Speaking of bad manners, Pssst… would like to know what on earth has been going on at Mopanie recently. First they make poor attempts to start drama at Serrie finals, and now Pssst… hears that a few Peppies have been defacing mascots on the Proefplaas. Why all the anger, Mopanie? Are you trying to compensate for the fact that the Magrietjie ladies are no longer interested in you? Don’t worry, Pssst… hears Inca will spend time with almost anyone.


The semester may be drawing to a close, but don’t think for a minute that Pssst… won’t be scouting for more juicy res gossip. Until next semester, watch your back, or even better: send Pssst… some res news at

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